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As we move into the fall season, harvests are rolling in and as the weather cools our thoughts might turn to cozy, warming, simple foods made with produce and products from farmers that we know. It is a time to settle in, settle down, focus in, and take good, nourishing care; a perfect time to visit the various farms in and around Williamstown, get to know the lovely folks producing your food, and get ready for some autumnal cooking.

Thanks to our friends at Berkshire Grown, finding all of our local farms is easier than ever with Map-O-Licious, their extensive interactive farm, farmstand, and farmers market mapping tool. And since all of this produce can feel a little overwhelming–something we don’t need as school and other personal commitments ramp up this autumn season–we wanted to provide you some ideas inspired by five of our incredible farms:

Caretaker Farm1210 Hancock Rd., Williamstown

Caretaker produces a wide array of delicious and beautiful vegetables, but one of my favorite items (other than the ginger cookies) is their potatoes; and again, with the increasingly chilly mornings, a crunchy roasted potato is something seriously delightful. Pick up some parsley or cilantro while you’re at it (plus maybe some butter from Cricket Creek Farm?) and you’re well on your way to one of my favorite roasted potato recipes of all time.

Cricket Creek Farm1255 Oblong Rd., Williamstown, farm store open daily 7am-7pm

Every cheese that Cricket Creek makes is delicious, but I have to admit a particular fondness for their delightful feta. With such an abundance of produce available now, roasting up some squash, peppers, carrots, parsnips, and the like and mixing them with some quinoa and feta for a warm salad could be just the ticket for a mid-October lunch. Here is some inspiration to get you started!

East Mountain Farm582 Henderson Rd., Williamstown, open year-round during daylight hours

How about trying some slow-cooker chicken and rice soup with one of Kim’s incredible half or whole chickens? It couldn’t hurt to pick up carrots and some other lovely root vegetables at one of the other farms to toss in as well for even more warming goodness.

Peace Valley Farm85 Treadwell Hollow Rd., Williamstown

While all of the vegetables from Peace Valley are beautiful, their kale is particularly delightful this fall; a great, quick option is to chop it finely and saute it in ghee or olive oil with some salt and mustard seeds. Here’s a quick recipe, just swap out the chard for kale!

Sweet Brook Farm580 Oblong Rd. , Williamstown, open daily year-round

Maple syrup from Sweet Brook Farm is one of my favorite perks of living in the Berkshires. Once you’ve stopped by to see the folks at Caretaker Farm or Peace Valley Farm, you may find yourself with a preponderance of root vegetables. Why not take some of their grade-B maple syrup and roast up some maple carrots, or other root vegetables? This recipe is simple and quick, and even better with fresh local produce.

Have a favorite recipe you’d like to share with us using some of our wonderful local products? Email us at and let us know!