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Your life requires movement, flexibility and presence. Pain and discomfort drain your vitality, rob you of your freedom. Modern medicine's answer is cumbersome. When it is time to take your wellness into your own hands, Tsubo Integrative Wellness has your back, legs, arms, body and soul.

TSUBO Integrative Wellness was begun the day after 9/11 when the whole world needed to de-stress and find a place to heal. In the midst of all our chaos, our bodies know exactly how to heal, what feels right and truthful, and how to listen to rhythm of our lives. Molly Kerns owner and founder believes deeply that once a body is touched with compassion a space expands for healing. This held space allows time to heal, reconnect, and find your own truth. To connect to the quiet gift that is embedded in every body, TSUBO Integrative Wellness exists for this sole purpose.

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