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We’re here to help! “Birthday”, “holiday”, “just because” and “for me” gifts for young and old and in-betweeners, including brainteasers, puzzles, games, inventive educational and developmental toys, baby gifts, humorous books, novelties, gourmet candy, cards, balloons, and on and on… Something for anyone and everyone!  We change about sixty percent of our items every year so you’ll always find something new and interesting. Shopping for a gourmet? Check out our great cookbooks and fun culinary gadgets! Looking to spruce up a dorm room? Peruse our picture frames, wall décor, and journals (hand made and regular), or unleash your inner child with Schleich animals and Papo knights, dragons and other fantasy critters. We’re happy to assist with any gift-giving conundrums or queries! Some of our items are on-line, others can be found in our store. Concerned? We carry a range of products sanctioned by Exceptional Parent and Safekids.

 You can pay for your chocolate and second-cousin Al’s ninjabread cookie cutters with cash or any major credit card (sorry, no barter system. We had to discontinue that after the sheep incident of ’09). 

Shameless Self-Promotion: We’ve received kind words from the likes of the New York Times Travel Section, Playthings Magazine, we’ve been designated the “Gift Psychologists” by National Public Radio’s northeast station WAMC, honored by the State of Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism  with their “Hospitality Award” for, of all things, being helpful to visitors and custothmer service (they found us out). Enough back patting.

We arranged with Google to be able to show you our store! Just click here to take a look around. Enjoy, take a peek!

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