Wild Oats Market

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Wild Oats Market is a cooperative. In many ways, we are like any other business. Like all businesses, we must make a profit to stay viable.  We must provide our member-owners and customers with the products and services they want if we are to retain their support. But in many important ways, we are different from businesses that are owned by private investors or through publicly traded shares.

Cooperatives like Wild Oats are owned and democratically controlled by their member-owners. Anyone can become a member-owner of Wild Oats Market; and everyone who is a member-owner has a vote and an equal voice at our Annual Meeting. Co-op member-owners elect their Board of Directors from the membership.

Like many consumer-owned cooperative businesses, Wild Oats returns surplus revenues (income over expenses and investment) to member-owners proportionate to their use of the cooperative, not proportionate to their investment or ownership share. Wild Oats Market has a patronage rebate policy in place that enables member-owners to receive yearly rebates at the discretion of the Board, based on a percentage of the amount of goods they have purchased at the co-op throughout the year.

Wild Oats Market is proud to be a part of the long tradition of cooperatives.It is our pleasure to serve our community by offering our member-owners and customers healthy, affordable food and other products that support our local economy and sustainable living practices.

320 Main Street
Williamstown , MA 01267 42° 42' 13.5972" N, 73° 11' 12.4224" W
Massachusetts US